List of Apartments

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Flat number Building Layout Floor Apartment
surface area combined
surface area
surface area
Availability/Price in CZK Floor plan More
3 TULIP 3+kk 1.NP 69,6m² x x Sold
6a TULIP 2+kk 2.NP 52,3m² x x Sold
8 LILY 3+kk 1.NP 86m² 15,6m² 98,6m² Sold
9 IRIS 4+kk 1.NP 92,9m² 24,4m² 83,9m² Sold
10 IRIS 3+1 1.NP 88,2m² 27,3m² 81,2m² Sold
11 IRIS 3+kk 1.NP/2.NP 116,2m² x x 19,500,000,-Kč
12 IRIS 3+kk 1.NP/2.NP 117,9m² x x Sold
13 DAISY 3+1 1.NP/2.NP 102,3m² 10,3m² 72,5m² Sold
14 VIOLET 3+1 1.NP/2.NP 108,7m² x 74,9m² Sold
15 VIOLET 3+1 1.NP/2.NP 106,1m² x 77,2m² Sold
16 ORCHID 4+kk 1.PP 111m² 27,3m² 200,2m² 20,500,000,-Kč
17 ORCHID 4+kk 1.NP 124,6m² 31m² x Sold
18 ORCHID 4+kk 2.NP/3.NP 182,9m² 33,4m² x 39,000,000,-Kč
19 JASMINE 3+kk 1.PP 81,9m² 17,3m² 132,2m² Sold
20 JASMINE 1+kk 1.NP 37,1m² x x Sold
21 JASMINE 4+kk 1.NP 123,1m² 40m² 52,5m² Sold
22 JASMINE 4+kk 2.NP 148,1m² 34,6m² x 27,500,000,-Kč
23 JASMINE 3+kk 3.NP 94,9m² 34,4m² x Sold
24 LAVENDER 2+kk 1.PP 58,1m² 8,6m² 82,5m² Sold
25 LAVENDER 3+kk 1.PP 90,5m² 14,5m² 97,2m² Sold
26 LAVENDER 3+kk 1.PP 97m² 9,9m² 104,7m² Sold
27 LAVENDER 4+kk 1.NP 129,6m² 14,5m² x 23,500,000,-Kč
28 LAVENDER 3+kk 1.NP 110,2m² 12,6m² x Sold
29 LAVENDER 3+kk 1.NP 97,7m² 8,3m² x Sold
30 LAVENDER 4+kk 2.NP 117,6m² 17m² x Sold
32 LAVENDER 2+kk 2.NP 57m² x x Sold
33 LAVENDER 4+kk 2.NP 129,1m² 26,4m² x Sold
35 CAMELLIA 3+kk 1.PP 70,7m² 12,6m² 70,7m² Sold
36 CAMELLIA 2+kk 1.PP 63,3m² 12,6m² 135,1m² Sold
37 CAMELLIA 4+kk 1.NP 135,7m² 21,4m² x Sold
39 MAGNOLIA 4+kk 1.PP 130,6m² 55,9m² 187,1m² 22,900,000,-Kč
42 MAGNOLIA 2+kk 1.PP 47,7m² 8,5m² 134,6m² Sold
40b MAGNOLIA 2+kk 1.PP 66,4m² 21,6m² 83,7m² Sold
41 MAGNOLIA 5+kk 1.NP 141m² 19,7m² x 22,900,000,-Kč
42 MAGNOLIA 2+kk 1.NP 56,2m² 8,4m² x Sold
43 MAGNOLIA 2+kk 1.NP 66m² 11,6m² x Sold
45 LOTUS 1+kk 1.PP 38,9m² 10,7m² 40,5m² Sold
47 LOTUS 3+kk 1.PP 97m² 22,3m² 190,5m² Sold
48 LOTUS 3+kk 1.NP 98m² 10,7m² 43,1m² Sold
49 LOTUS 2+kk 1.NP 75,1m² 10,4m² x Sold
50 LOTUS 2+kk 1.NP 69,8m² 10.4m² x Sold
51 LOTUS 3+kk 1.NP 96,9m² 10,6m² x Sold
52 LOTUS 3+kk 2.NP 91,8m² 12,8m² x Sold
53 LOTUS 3+kk 2.NP 145,8m² 25,6m² x Sold
54 LOTUS 3+kk 2.NP 91,2m² 12,8m² x Sold
55a LOTUS 2+kk 3.NP 53,3m² 15,2m² x Sold
55b LOTUS 2+kk 3.NP 50,8m² 30,5m² x Sold
56 LOTUS 4+kk 3.NP 103m² 44,2m² x Sold
57 ROSEMARY 4+kk 1.PP 129,3m² 24,2m² 344,4m² Sold
58 ROSEMARY 3+kk 1.PP 98,3m² 12,3m² 160m² Sold
59 ROSEMARY 3+kk 1.PP 94,5m² 12,6m² 123,4m² Sold
60 ROSEMARY 2+kk 1.NP 56,6m² 10,3m² x Sold
61 ROSEMARY 3+kk 1.NP 90,4m² 10,6m² x 16,300,000,-Kč
62 ROSEMARY 3+kk 1.NP 98,3m² 10,4m² x Sold
63 ROSEMARY 3+kk 1.NP 93,9m² 10,4m² x Sold
64 ROSEMARY 3+kk 2.NP 91,5m² 12,7m² x Sold
65 ROSEMARY 4+kk 2.NP 142,7m² 25,4m² x 23,800,000,-Kč
66 ROSEMARY 3+kk 2.NP 87,8m² 12,7m² x Sold
70 LAVENDER 1+kk/atelier 1.PP 38,1m² 8,5m² 44m² Sold
71 LAVENDER 1+kk/atelier 1.PP 32,8m² x 44,8m² Sold
7 PENTHOUSE TULIP 6+kk 1.PP, 3.NP 234m² 11m² x Available
34 PENTHOUSE LAVENDER 6+kk 3.NP 246m² 42m² x Available
38 PENTHOUSE CAMELLIA 7+kk 2.NP, 3.NP 255m² 51m² x Available
44b PENTHOUSE MAGNOLIA 8+kk 2.NP, 3.NP 325m² 71m² x Available
PENTHOUSE ROSEMARY 5+kk 3.NP 209,8m² 94,6m² x Sold

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