List of Apartments

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Flat number Building Layout Floor Floor
surface area
surface area
Availability/Price in CZK Floor plan More
11 IRIS 3+kk 1.NP/2.NP 123,5m² x x 123,5m² 18 300 000
16 ORCHID 4+kk 1.PP 119,2m² 27,3m² 200,2m² 346,7m² Sold
18 ORCHID 4+kk 2.NP/3.NP 199,1m² 35m² x 234,1m² 37 900 000
22 JASMINE 4+kk 2.NP 157,4m² 34,6m² x 192m² Sold
27 LAVENDER 4+kk 1.NP 140,1m² 14,5m² x 154,6m² 22 300 000
39 MAGNOLIA 4+kk 1.PP 140,7m² 55,9m² 187,1m² 383,7m² Sold
41 MAGNOLIA 5+kk 1.NP 141m² 19,7m² x 160,7m² 21 700 000
44a MAGNOLIA 2+kk 2.NP 152,3m² x x 152,3m² 31 800 000
46 LOTUS 6+kk 1.PP 232,8m² x 595,2m² 828m² 33 800 000
49 LOTUS 2+kk 1.NP 78,7m² 10,4m² x 89,1m² Sold
52 LOTUS 3+kk 2.NP 99,6m² 12,8m² x 112,4m² 15 700 000
61 ROSEMARY 3+kk 1.NP 96,8m² 10,6m² x 107,4m² 15 700 000
62 ROSEMARY 3+kk 1.NP 106,2m² 10,4m² x 116,6m² Sold
65 ROSEMARY 4+kk 2.NP 151,1m² 25,4m² x 176,5m² 22 600 000

* Prices do not include parking. Cost of parking is 600.000 CZK per space.


Here is the listing of all Penthouses in Chateau Troja Residence.
Apartment No. Building Layout Floor Floor Area Floor area
Garage Total Floor Area Status /
Price in CZK
Floorplan More
7 TULIP 5+kk -1st, 3rd 298,1m² 424,1m² 11m² 48m² 67m² Sold
34 LAVENDER 3rd 257,9m² 368,9m² 45m² 66m² Available
38 CAMELLIA 5+kk 2nd, 3rd 257,2m² 403,2m² 51m² 95m² Available
44b MAGNOLIA 5+kk 2nd, 3rd 328,8 m² 524,8 m² 123m² 73m² Sold

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